Cast MembersEdit

Vevmo RevengeEdit



Players with the final prize money:Edit

  • Including only VR11 Tomb II & VR10 Coliseum & VR5 Chamber (will be updated soon)
PlaceCast MemberVR wins/# of VR'sTotal money made
1 ColiesMom2/2$140,608
2 gamer732/2$140,608
3 Euroslavia2/2$128,891
4 tjhallow2/3$128,891
5 Raymond211/1$96,164
6 dplayer181/2$96,164
7 GiggidyGoo901/2$96,164
8 trees121/2$96,164
9 RMD12/2$77,171
10 CrazyRealityGuy1/1$44,444
11 GoldenWarrior1/1$44,444
12 Insider1/1$44,444
13 LCBaby1/1$44,444
14 producer881/1$44,444
15 RW5610161/1$44,444
16 TheQuietOne1/1$44,444
17 Gucci Mane 1/2$40,227
18 CoralFan 1/1$32,727
19 fabulous788 1/1$32,727
20 feminthea 1/1$32,727

VR RecordsEdit

Feat Male Cast Members Record Female Cast Members Record
Most Season Appearancesfaceless7tjhallow10
Most Seasons Wonfaceless 4tjhallow4
Undefeated in Eliminations in VR History CrazyRealityGuy 3 molds13 4
Most Elimination Rounds in VR History faceless 6 tjhallow 9

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